Jul 19 2011

Jimmy Page Official Website Launches

On July 14th, 2001, Jimmy Page launched his brand new website to the world at www.jimmypage.com. I had been waiting for this moment for a long while, being the Led Zeppelin fan that I am. Although sparse, it does not disappoint. I especially like the daily changing of the homepage and it’s correspondence to what happened in Jimmy’s career on this date…. it adds allure to the site and certainly will keep people like myself coming back daily to see what’s new.


The Website comes complete with a guide, pictured above. Within this guide, a map is lain out out on how to navigate the site:

The site is broken down into 5 distinct sections, ‘On This Day‘, ‘News‘, ‘Live‘, ‘Photos‘, and ‘Discography‘. The ‘Live‘ section allows one to click a button to tell everyone visiting this section whether they were there at the concert. It’s a great run-down of Jimmy’s extensive career and illustrates how much he’s performed live over the years. In the ‘Discography‘ section, all of Jimmy’s recordings are listed and you can favorite them. Here’s how my account looks now:


Notice the live dates I’ve attended over the years and some of my favorite albums! :)

Here are a few collaborations Jimmy has done with Roy Harper (Roy Harper Official website), one of my favorite singer / songwriters / guitarists:

I believe they actually had some earlier material they did together, but it’s not listed here as of yet. My favorite is ‘Jugula‘ from the mid 1980s, just before Jimmy joined The Firm with Paul Rodgers (of Bad Company and Free fame). In fact, Roy’s bass player, Tony Franklin went on to become the Firm’s bass player!

I really enjoyed the ‘Photos’ section, as I am a photography enthusiast. Here are some images shared within this section… some from The Firm, some from the Welsh cottage of Bron-Yr-Aur, some of Jimmy’s guitar collection, some of Jimmy in the studio, and some from a 1975 Madison Square Garden concert:

Jimmy is even on Facebook and Twitter. Follow Jimmy Page on Twitter or give a like to Jimmy on Facebook.

There are even credits given out on the site and some notable mentioned include the great rock and roll photographer, Ross Halfin and Jimmy’s own daughter, Scarlet Page on some of the photo credits. Jimmy is listed as the executive producer:


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Jan 9 2010

A Small Birthday Tribute to Jimmy Page

For those of you who know me, this post won’t come as much a surprise, but for those of you who don’t, well… let’s just say I have a mild fondness for the electric guitar and one of my all-time favorite guitar heroes would have to be Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

So on this January 9th, 2010, I would like to wish Jimmy a very happy and special 66th birthday celebration. Having recently appeared in the film, ‘It Might Get Loud‘ (which I blogged about earlier, just click the link to the left) it has rekindled the interest and desire to have a tour which includes Jimmy. It doesn’t matter which form or shape it takes. It could be with or without Robert Plant and John Paul Jones, but at least some live music from Jimmy to satisfy the fans, including myself.

Of course, I could think of no better way to celebrate, than by posting some of the magnificient photographs of Ross Halfin. Without further adieux, here are some of my favorite images Ross has taken.


Jimmy Page in Oakland, 1977

Jimmy Page in Oakland, 1977

Jimmy Page from the early 1980s with telecaster guitar

Jimmy Page from the early 1980s with telecaster guitar

Jimmy Page in 2009 posing with Les Paul guitar for a magazine cover

Jimmy Page in 2009 posing with Les Paul guitar for a magazine cover

Jimmy Page in Los Angeles, June 2009 for premiere of the movie It Might Get Loud

Jimmy Page in Los Angeles, June 2009 for premiere of the movie 'It Might Get Loud'

Be sure to check out Ross Halfin’s web site for more spectacular imagery!

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Jun 21 2009

It Might Get Loud – 3 Guitarists Together in a New Film

Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, U2′s The Edge and the White Stripes’ Jack White together in a new film!

So call me dense or whatever you wanna call it, but this just slipped past me. I never even knew this was in the works, but once again, my following of the Ross Halfin web site uncovered this new film which is coming out soon. In Ross’ diary entry marked June 19th, he’s in Los Angeles with Jimmy for the premier!

The film is apparently about the history of the electric guitar as seen from the point of view of three significant musicians. The first being Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame, the second being the Edge from U2 and last, but not least, Jack White of the White Stripes. From the looks of the trailer, it looks like the film revolves around each individual guitarists personal style and approach to the guitar. From the looks of it, Headley Grange is visited by Jimmy and for those of you who are Zeppelin fans, you’ll of course know that the band recorded numerous time there and is especially noted as being responsible for the huge drum sound in ‘When the Levee Breaks’. Other notable bands also recorded or rehearsed at Headley Grange in East Hampshire, England. The song, ‘Black Dog’ by Led Zeppelin was named after a black Labrador Retriever which was found hanging around the during recording of their fourth album in the early 1970′s.

It looks like the film is scheduled for limited release in New York and Los Angeles on August 14th, 2009. There are some still shots viewable as a slide show at IMDB.com and here’s the trailer in HD below.

A recent magazine cover from the three guitarists in the film:


Jack White, Jimmy Page and the Edge

Jack White, Jimmy Page and the Edge


I will try to post more info here as it becomes available, until then, enjoy!

Chris J. Politzki
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Apr 10 2009

Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page Together Again!

Where did Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page play?

On April 4th, 2009 Jeff Beck was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio. Supporting him was none other than the legendary Jimmy Page! There are rumours Jimmy will make a few select appearances with Jeff on his current US tour, but check out these great clips of the two legends up on stage again. The two original Yardbirds together again! Wow!

Videos of Jeff and Jimmy at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Performance.

Here they are performing ‘Beck’s Bolero‘ and an instrumental ‘Immigrant Song‘.

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Nov 28 2008

On a less serious note… Let’s talk about health and kratom

So we’ve got a few days off here in America for Thanksgiving. I thought I’d write some on the old Blog that I’ve been neglecting. I think I’m going to keep another non-serious thread going here to lighten up the load on the work-related items. Sometimes there’s just things I want to talk about that don’t fit anywhere, like for example I just discovered kratom.

Maybe discovered is not the right way to put it. Basically, I was introduced to kratom by a friend, who takes it regularly. He told me of it’s benefits and after a few follow up questions I went to https://Kratommasters.com/ and ordered some from myself. I made the decision on kratom just about on the spot; it sounded awesome so I figured I’d try it.

I was pleasantly surprised. Soon I saw the benefits of taking kratom and the natural testosterone supplements that I got thanks healthmonia newssite. I’ve found myself recommending it to others as well. That’s just the beginning though.

You know, there’s a site I really enjoy checking out almost everyday when I log on. This is from a british photographer by the name of Ross Halfin and seeing as how he’s got some good writing on his site, I think I’ll start out talking about him.

Ross has a ‘Diary‘ section on his site which is really amusing and informative at the same time. His travel photography I really enjoy as a beak from all of the great rock and roll photography. He’s photographed nearly every great musical artist there is! You name it, The Who, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam and of course my favorite, Led Zeppelin… he’s photographed them all! Here’s an example of Jimmy Page at the recent Olympic Games in Beijing of 2008.

Jimmy Page in Beijing | copyright Ross Halfin

One of my favorite series of photographs from Ross contains this image here below of Jimmy at Shepperton Studios in 1993.

Jimmy Page at Shepperton Studios | copyright Ross Halfin

I really enjoy reading Ross’ writing in his Diary on his site. He writes about all kinds of things. Mostly commenting about others on his travels across the globe. His comments hold nothing back and he is oftentimes very critical of others, but that can be quite refreshing to hear what a person is really thinking rather than sugar-coating everything. Oftentimes, his comments are related to his travels.

A sample below:

My flight is full, absolutely rammed, only got a middle seat (okay, I’ll admit I’m flying business) but sitting inbetween an old man and a Chinese man who keeps knocking my arm trying to get more elbow room or whatever you call it. I wonder how long I’ll last without a row with him, – he’s now done it four times.

And yet another sample when he was currently in Kansas City when shooting a Metallica show:

Kansas. Yes, somewhere over the rainbow. The airport is about a hundred miles from downtown. Okay I’m exaggerating, but it was a long way. Around the arena are lots of Irish bars and places to eat meat, lots of meat. Most of the people walking around are the size of cows, it’s like herds of human cattle. Kazuyo says ‘It’s so boring here all they do is eat.’

I got out of a taxi at the venue. A large heifer comes over, ‘Hey are you Lars?’. Firstly, could you see Lars getting out of a cab in the street and saying at the stage door ‘Hello my good man. Is this The Kansas Sprint Arena and can I come in?’ I say no and he then looks at me as if he’s just seen the awakening of Christ and says ‘You really look like Lars are you sure?’ I’m sure and just to clear up any misconceptions, Lars looks like me – except I’m far more handsome…

Ross has some great photographs of some of the most famous and influential musicians ever, so check out his site and see how he allows us access into his perspective on a quite intriguing career as a photographer. Well worth return trips to the site to see what he’s up to, where he’s travelling to, and who he’s photographing or bumping into at hotels in Hollywood.


Chris J. Politzki
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