Mar 15 2011

Brand New J Mascis Solo Album!

J Mascis – Several Shades of Why by subpop

Ordered my copy and it should be arriving soon… in the meantime, listening to the streaming of the new album… cant wait until the Denver show in April!

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Apr 3 2009

Dinosaur Jr has a new album out and are on tour!

Dinosaur Jrs Original Lineup Reunited in 2007

Dinosaur Jr's Original Lineup Reunited in 2007

You can’t imagine how excited I was to find out Dinosaur Jr have been in the studio recording a new album. Apparently, the title of the album will be ‘Farm’ and will be released on the Jagjaguwar label. The boys from Amherst, Maine have done it again! Created another collection of audio explorations for us all.

It looks like the tour will begin tonight in Portland, ME. Check here for more tour dates.

It looks like the tour will begin tonight in Portland, ME. Check here for more tour dates.

I got to see the guys back in 2007 and must admit, much to J Mascis’ chagrin (as I know he likes it when people complain about how loud they are), it was the loudest show I’ve ever been to… and I’ve been to quite a few shows in my time! Now they are back for another round with a new album to boot! I hope they plan to stop into Colorado on the tour sometime.

They were and still are, in my opinion, one of the best and most original Grunge bands to have come out of the 80′s and 90′s. There’s just something so tasteful about J Masic’s guitar playing that is unsurpassed. They were contemporaries with Nirvana, Pearl Jam and the Screaming Trees… just to name a few! They weren’t from Seattle, but they were well-respected by their peers on the west coast.

Dinosaur Jr as they appeared in 1987

Dinosaur Jr as they appeared in 1987

A song entitled, “I Don’t Wanna Go There” from the upcoming release has been posted up to see the studio process of Dinosaur Jr. Just follow this link, Dinosaur Jr Studio Performance 2009 on the J Mascis web site. There’s also a video clip of them performing “Tarpit” in the studio along with a great extended video interview!

What’s really intriguing for me, at least, is to see J playing on his Fender Signature Model J Mascis Jazzmaster in these studio clips. It’s a way cool guitar and I’m lucky to say I’m the proud owner of one. Also worth watching, is the interview clip and the discussions on equipment as well as visuals of some of the gear the boys use. Excellent!

I wanted to post these video clips because I really find them interesting, but it wasn’t possible… didn’t find an ‘embed code’. However, I will post the YouTube video of J talking about the signature Jazzmaster. Interesting how he started out as a drummer (still is) and how he chose the Jazzmaster… he originally wanted a Stratocaster! 

Watch for the album coming to stores soon!

Chris J. Politzki
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New Dinosaur Jr Session Material available for download! These a four songs available as a free download from the daytrotter web site. This is from a recording on June 9th, 2009. They perform ‘SEVERED LIPS’, ‘REPULSION’, ‘CRUMBLE’ and ‘BACK TO YOUR HEART’. Well worth the free signup for an account to get the downloads. The studio is called The Horseshack and is located in Rock Island, Illinois. Enjoy!

And while I’m updating, I might as well also let everyone know they should check out Dinosaur Jr on MySpace as they have some new material uploaded there… photos, videos and songs. Can’t wait until they roll through Colorado again!

And remember, the new album comes out June 23rd of this month.