Jul 12 2010

Guitar Effects by Electro Harmonix Can Recreate Pink Floyd Sounds

I came across these Effectology by Bill Rupert video series on EHX.com, the official Electro Harmonix guitar pedal builder web site from New York city. Check this rendition of Pink Floyd’s ‘Welcome to the Machine’… all created with guitar and effects! Incredible stuff!

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Jan 26 2009

And on even a more less serious note… a Great David Gilmour Site!!! (Part One)


I’ve come across another great site… this one deals with the likes of the legendary David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. It’s really well done and goes through David’s gear setups and much, much more.

A lot of time and effort went into this one and you can tell. It’s called ‘Gilmourish‘ (http://www.gilmourish.com) and by the looks of it, it looks like it has been setup with WordPress, a popular blogging tool and just so happens to be the one I employ to do this blog here. Anyhow, the producer of this site, Bjorn Riis does a fantastic job at going through almost everything Gilmour-related.

First Section of the Site…

Bjorn’s first section goes through David’s gear and is therefore titled, “The David Gilmour Gear Guide“. In his own words, he says:

In this section you’ll find information about David’s guitars, amps and effects on each Pink Floyd album and tour as well as David’s solo albums including the recent On an Island tour.

It’s really a nice touch on the right-hand side, where he’s broken things down into:

  • Guitars – Everything about David’s famed ‘Black Stratocaster‘, which recently got reissued by Fender Guitars in their signature series of 2008, or his Slide Guitars. Not too many people are aware of David’s slide work and he’s truly a master of the instrument!
  • Amps – Another nicely done part on the amps David uses or has used in the past. 
  • Effects – Is one of my favorite sections. In it, there are photos of actual pedal boards and effects of David’s. Incredible stuff here! Check out the Animals Tour Effects Board.
  • Each section goes through things in complete detail, leaving no fan disappointed.

    IDavid Gilmour with famed Workman Tele in 1984

    David Gilmour with famed 'Workman Tele' in 1984


    It’s an absolutely stunning job Bjorn has done with this site. Kudos to him for spending the time and effort to share with us the information he’s collected.

    I’ll continue my exploration of his site in a future post… until then, rock on and enjoy this amazing site!

    Chris J. Politzki
    Studio 119 Degrees