Mar 29 2011

A New Stock Imagery Site Offers a Free Trial Membership

I was recently contacted by Fotolia Stock Imagery website about trying out their images for free. So far I’ve downloaded one image and the quality is really impressive. Their collection is also very diverse and doesn’t rehash all of the cliche images we’ve all seen. Their rates also seem reasonable. Looks like you can also add your own images and sell them.

Try them out here:

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Mar 19 2010

Studio 119 Degrees on Twitter

We’ve been on Twitter for some time, but I thought I’d add a screen capture of how we added our own brand identity to our Twitter account. Granted, you can’t manipulated the code on the left-hand side and add links, etc. However, you can create the illusion of having added those. It also stays true to our current web site design.

Feb 19 2010

Logos Designed by Studio 119 Degrees

Just a quick one here… thought I’d post a link to a recently updated page of ours for the logos we have developed for clients. There’s also a few icons there as well. Check it out!

Studio 119 Degrees Logo Designs

Visual Samples:

Colorado-based Construction Company Logo

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Studio 119 Degrees Web Design & Development Studio