Keyword Research and Estimated Monthly Search Volume for SEO

Interesting Observations on Keyword Research

I recently was involved with a project at my internet yellow pages job that involved researching targeted keywords for proposed City Guides / City Landing Pages. We used a couple of online tools to see what the estimated search volume would be for that particular month. The data was probably from the previous month or earlier, but what was interesting was the fact that you start to discover how people are thinking when they approach the web and perform a search. Oftentimes geo indicators were included such as a city ¬†or state name to narrow their search down a bit more. For the project’s purpose, we were focusing on how people were using these geo indicators to reveal how the content on the City Guides / Landing Pages would be created and what targeted keywords we should be using to gain more search traffic to our site.

For example, are people typing in ‘CO‘ as an abbreviation for ‘Colorado‘, or are they spelling out the entire state name? This was crucial information we needed to complete the project and know what content to implement on our proposed pages.

Tools Used for the Project

We used a few tools to determine what the estimated search volume on a particular keyword. was one of them, was another and a couple others I’ll mention, however, we did not use for this project. They are &, but I’d like to hear from others if they use others as it would be useful information. I’ve been thinking that the new feature in Google Search called the ‘Wonder Wheel‘ might also be a tool to use for this type of keyword researching, but once again, wouldn’t mind hearing from others on their thoughts on this. Leave a comment below if you feel like it. :-)

A More Recent Oberservation

I was reading a blog today that started me thinking. I know, I know… you’re asking yourself whether or not I think at all, right? Never mind the wisecracks, I seriously found something today that was interesting. ;-)

In a post from Sam Niccols, titled “TechCrunch Upskirt: Why Michael Arrington Blogs about Porn“, he brings up an interesting point. During the keyword research project for my internet yellow pages gig, we kept finding terms for porn keep showing up in the monthly search volumes. Even though we weren’t looking for them, they appeared. Some of these I can’t repeat here in this blog and I know there are tools to filter these items out, but it is interesting to find out that some cleaner and more legitimate sites unrelated to porn are posting blogs optimized for porn search terms. TechCrunch, Wired,, and even the NYTimes site all used porn-related content within their blog posts. Makes one wonder if these sites are trying to bring in bigger search volumes through this tactic, if you can call it that. TechCrunch alone has 2,580 blog posts indexed by Google that contain porn-related content. Sam has a great graphic which splits down the ‘Pages with Porn in Text‘ amongst these various sites. While it may draw in some extra traffic, I really don’t think it’s going to bring in the ‘right kind’ of traffic… unless you are in the porn industry? If you are making money off of your ads on your pages then I guess this would be a great method to get clicks.

An interesting find needless to say and I guess I’ll find out how much traffic I get out of it from this blog post… I just hope it’s from people who aren’t shady characters. I think it’s about time I start with Google Ads to profit off of this! :D

I’ll do a proper post on keyword research sometime, but thought this tied in well and was worth bringing up for discussion.

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