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Yahoo Answers – What is it?

Yahoo!Answers is a community for knowledge sharing Q&A (Questions and Answers). It is a form of social networking/media and involves people asking questions to the community and then people responding to these questions. To participate, one only has to have a Yahoo account and can immediately begin contributing to the site. There are other similar sites out there that do the same thing. Sites like, and but Yahoo Answers seems to get the most ‘bang for the buck’ in terms of marketing your web sites in the Search Engines. Answers within Yahoo!Answers are quickly crawled by the spiders and show up high in the search result pages.

Using Yahoo Answers for Search Engine Optimization

So those of you who are new to SEO may not be aware of  ’off-page SEO‘. This, in it’s simplest terms, is a means by which you go out try to gain links pointing to your site. Links to your site act as a ‘vote‘ or ‘thumbs up‘ for your site and is well looked upon by the search engines, especially Google. Yahoo!Answers allows you to add your website in the Source box at the end of the answer you give. Although it does contain a no-follow tag, meaning the search engines won’t index the links. Another drawback is that you are not able to use anchor text to utilize the power of keywords in anchor text, but the ability to gain exposure for your site within the search engine result pages outweighs this. You are, in fact, building incremental traffic to your site and this is always a good thing to do. A great way to track this would be through watching your referral traffic either through server logs or Google Analytics and seeing when somebody is coming to your site via Yahoo!Answers.

I would suggest when signing up for answering questions to answer question which are pertinent to your web site or area of expertise. Try to choose a category within the site that you can easily return to everyday or once a week to check for new questions to answer. There is a points system in play on the site and when you answer a question, your earn 2 points. If your answer becomes the best answer, then you receive 10 points. While it may not be possible to become a so-called ‘Top Contributor‘, aiming to get a best answer will be rewarded by moving your answer up to the top of the page when somebody is also looking for the answer to the question you replied to and this is key in building traffic to your site.

I’d like to demonstrate the power of using Yahoo!Answers for SEO.

Take, for example, a recent question I answered. The question was, “How do I make a widget for my website?“.

Now go to Google and do a search for ‘How do I make a widget for my website?’ and see how high the result is for the Yahoo!Answers page is… it’s number two! Oftentimes, it’s number one in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).  All this is one done with the help of SEO professionals and if you want the same to happen with your website as well, then check out these other products you may like offered by professional SEO companies to help make your website reach the very top of Google’s search engine. These pages are indexed by both Google and Yahoo and are a great tactic to build an audience to your web site or blog.

A word of advice, try mixing things up and sometimes drop a link to your site and sometimes don’t. Don’t appear like you are spamming the site and try to give a more natural appearance to the community. And most of all, enjoy yourself within the community as it will pay off in the long run.

Chris J. Politzki
Studio 119 Degrees

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