WordPress Bug???

So I thought I’d throw this out there.

In my last post, ‘Photoshop CS3 Newly Discovered Panorama Stitcher Feature‘ I kept having an error appear each time I went to save my post as I was crafting it. I would get this 412 Error message:

The precondition on the request for the URL /wordpress/wp-admin/post.php evaluated to false.

I kept taking off content from the bottom to determine that one particular line of text was causing the problem. It was this one below:

Hit the ‘Choose’ button. This adds the f i l e s from the selected folder into the queue. Finally hit ‘OK’ to see this magical feature perform it’s task.

I’ve purposely put the word ‘f i l e s‘ separated out because I wouldn’t be able to post without doing so. Anything below this line would not appear in a preview of the post. So I kept taking individual words off the end to discover that this word was not allowing me to save my post. I changed the line to read as such:

Hit the ‘Choose’ button. This adds the selected images to the queue. Finally, hit ‘OK’ and see this magical feature perform it’s task.

Everything worked fine after this change, but I still haven’t determined why? There’s another discussion I found which claimed this line, ‘d e l e t e f r o m f i n d e r‘ (Once again, I had to separate out letters to post this) produced similar results. In the post titled, ‘Very Strange WordPress Error‘, there were words that were also tripping WordPress up.

Anybody have thoughts on this?

Chris J. Politzki

Studio 119 Degrees


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