Google Knol Summary

So Google Knol is out. For those of you not yet in the ‘Knol’ here’s a short run-down of what it’s all about.

- similar to Wikipedia (Encyclopedia-like). Could be called ‘Googlepedia’. Might be Google’s way of pushing Wikipedia search result listings down further on the page as they have the tendency to appear very high in the SERPs.

- only one author contributing unless collaboration is selected (3 options on this: Open, Moderated & Closed). This allows writers/contributors to gain better control of their content as compared to Wikipedia where it is a ‘free-for-all’ system.

- ‘Share What You Know’ is the goal of the Knol team. They do seem to be open to changing the Knol site according to user suggestions to improve. There are many issues, such as a search within Google produces results quicker than within the Knol site. Indexing within Google search seems to happen quicker and has been pointed out as a possible bug.

- ‘Knol’ is also defined as being a ‘knowledge unit’ or ‘authoritive unit of knowledge’.

- A Knol should be an introductory article about a specific subject.

- Initial popular Knols seem to be health-related.

- Contributors have the capability to monetize their Knols with Google Ads. Something Wikipedia has not been able to do as it is a non-profit organization.

- Some opinions point out that this may be Google’s attempt to ‘provide’ the information rather than just ‘point’ to the information.

- It also appears that Knols could become a haven for spammers. Programs have already popped up to easily submit Knols.

- Competition sites other than Wikipedia include and

- Copyright issues have been discussed. Content scraping, in particular, has been brought into the conversations popping up.

- Knol team requests that you do:

1. Voice your opinion.

2. Think about how to get readers involved.

3. Provide References, Ask for Reviews, Display Credentials.

4. Focus on communicating clearly.

5. Follow the Rules

- Knol team requests that you do not:

1. Write a blog.

2. Post Advertisements.

For Google’s description and introduction of Knol, take a look at this entry in their blog:

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