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Photographic Collage Works

Early Photographic Collages:

Common Kitchen Chair | Ft. Collins, Colorado | Photographic Collage Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki

These photographic collages are a some of my earliest works in this style. I was taking very common items and attempting to break the one-point perspective so indicative of photography. A few of the images here were taken on various travels of mine. One was to England and the other to Utah. I've also included a portrait of one of my friends at his flat in Boulder, Colorado.
Early Photographic Collages Portfolio.

Shadow Box Photographic Collages:

Front Door | Colorado, USA | Photographic Collage Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki

These images were from a body of work in which I was trying to break the mold of my earlier works. I was still making photographic collages, but this time around I was not printing things as large. Instead, I was doing contact prints and then building individual shadow boxes for each piece. A long laborious process, but the end result was quite pleasing once they were placed on a wall and well lit. Since they were floating inside the shadow boxes, there was a wonderful drop shadow created behind the image. Subject matter was a house I lived in during my studies in Ft. Collins, Colorado.
Shadow Box Photographic Collages Portfolio.

Later Photographic Collages:

Sunflower Field with Poppies on the Right | Bavaria, Germany | Photographic Collage Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki

These later photographic collages were an extension of my earlier collage works. This time around, I found myself photographing some really impressive subjects in Germany, Scotland and England. This group of images also shows my growing interest in Adobe Photoshop and the first time I began adding custom drop shadows behind the images.
Later Photographic Collages Portfolio.

Transparency Photographic Collages:

Regal/Shelf in Flat | Erlangen, Germany | Photographic Collage Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki

Once again, I found myself revisiting a previous idea and expanding upon it. This time, I returned back to my smaller photographic collages, which were my shadow boxes. However, I began photographing with transparency, or slide, film and building custom light boxes to illuminate them. Brussels and Germany were the subject matters in this body of work.
Transparency Photographic Collages Portfolio.

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